John at the Piano at Pinson Memorial UMC

"Off the Cuff" CD of John playing hymn arrangements on piano will be available soon. Email John to be notified when the CD becomes available.

Gospel recordings of The Coleman-Morgans (John, his wife Rhonda, and her mom Jeannette Coleman, formerly known as the Redeemer's) are available:

Sovereign Move of the Holy Ghost - excerpt (Copyright John and Rhonda Morgan)

Give Me the Trumpet - excerpt (Written by Debra Shepherd)

Recordings of Rhonda's CD project "Like a Stampede" are available as well in a limited number. Excerpts:

Got My Boots on Baby - excerpt (Copyright John and Rhonda Morgan)

What More Do You Want? - excerpt (Copyright John and Rhonda Morgan)

Other songs available: "Like a Stampede," "It Isn't Your Concern Anymore," "Strictly Business," and "Play Me a Country Song" (Copyright John and Rhonda Morgan)

For the full recordings of each song, send $2.00 USD for each title, plus $5.00 USD S/H per order (along with your phone number, shipping address, and Email address) to John F. Morgan Music, 489 GA Hwy 298, Soperton, GA, 30457.