Pick out the folks you like the least and watch 'em for a while;
They never waste a kindly word, they never waste a smile;
They criticize their fellow men at every chance they get,
They never found a human just to suit their fancy yet.

From them I guess you'd learn some things if they were pointed out--
Some things that every one of us should know a lot about,
When some one "knocks" a brother, pass around the loving cup--
Say something good about him if you have to make it up.

It's safe to say that every man God made holds trace of good
That he would fain exhibit to his fellows if he could;
The kindly deeds in many a soul are hibernating there,
Awaiting the encouragement of other souls that dare
To show the best that's in them; and a universal move
Would start the whole world running in a hopeful, helpful groove.
Say something sweet to paralyze the "knocker" on the spot--
Speak kindly of his victim if you know the man or not.

The eyes that peek and peer to find the worst a brother holds,
The tongue that speaks in bitterness, that frets and fumes and scolds;
The hands that bruise the fallen, though their strength was made to raise
The weaklings who have stumbled at the parting of the ways--
All these should be forgiven, for they "know not what they do";
Their hindrance makes a greater work for wiser ones like you.
So, when they scourge a wretched one who's drained sin's bitter cup,
Say something good about him if you have to make it up.