People cross their hearts and hope to die,
And then proceed to tell a lie.
People swear on the Bible to be truthful, and then,
They perjure themselves before God and men.

They cross their fingers and wink their eyes,
And relate as truth what they've fantasized
As if their word's not as good as their name,
And what's written down and what's said's not the same.

As if there's no judgment for idle words spoken,
For rumors they spread and for promises broken.
As if they don't know our God keeps records well,
And every word spoken our judgment will spell.

As if there's no lake that burns hot with fire,
Ever reserved in the end for each liar.
O, dear Lord, set guards on my lips every day,
That I may be truthful in all that I say.

For, lying is dangerous; lying is sin.
Lord, help me never to lie again.

John F. Morgan
- July 1988