God bless the teacher who teaches each day
Cheerful and faithful, in spite of the pay;
Excited, inspired and intrinsically driven,
Never complaining of students she's given.
God bless the teacher who's discouraged-never,
That teacher, a child will remember forever,
Who challenges fates insurmountable carefully,
Guarding each child as a cherished gift, prayerfully.

God bless the teacher who educates Bobby,
The student with straight A's who has a fine hobby
Of making appropriate comments politely,
And working alone and with others so quietly.
He brings in assignments done so well and neatly,
A wholesome example of scholars, completely.
With apple and smile he is present, alert;
He tackles his work as if eating dessert.

And God bless the teacher who teaches young Sue,
The child with whom others have nothing to do.
The last one who's chosen for teams out at play --
She's laughed at and called cruel names everyday.
God bless the teacher who sees underneath
Unfashionable clothes and unbrushed hair and teeth,
A diamond-in-rough, a cocoon, or a seed,
Potential to calculate, create, succeed.

God bless the teacher who sees in young Mark,
A bright, shining star in the fathomless dark,
Whose glory is tarnished by low self-esteem,
But who will shine brightly on that teacher's team.
Mark has great struggles which no other knows,
And school is by far the best place that he goes.
Abused and neglected in a home not the best,
But sent to a teacher who's up to the test.

God bless the teacher who educates Chris,
The special young boy who speaks with a lisp,
Who struggles with times-tables, verbs and their tense,
And seldom makes statements that give a good sense.
Bless in the inclusive classroom diverse,
Where culture and standards collide like a curse.
For there, greatest patience is tested indeed.
If given the chance, these kids too may succeed.

And God bless the teacher who tries very hard
To help all the students like Max and Bernard,
Whose attention spans last but a moment and then,
They disrupt the class with remarks that offend.
And though they require almost constant attention,
Their teacher responds with some quick intervention,
Acting as counselor, teacher, and friend.
Max and Bernard may succeed in the end!

God bless the teacher who needs extra grace,
The one who's forgotten the goal of the race --
Not just to teach, but to be inspiration.
God bless every teacher and impart aspiration
To make a career into a profession,
To transform a job into an expression
Of values and wisdom and caring and love.
God bless each teacher with grace from above.

-Copyright 1998 John F. Morgan