An enlisted soldier was walking along a Bavarian road after World War I was over. Germany was defeated and devastated. The land around was scorched by the destruction and the young veteran decided to end it all. With the Fatherland finished, what was the point of living?

He came to a river, and he looked over the bridge railing and studied the icy waters down below.... and decided to jump.

People were aimlessly wandering about trying to find what was left of their homes. They were hungry, cold and dressed in rags. The young man noticed there was only one person at the water's edge... just an old man fishing.

The soldier climbed over the rail and jumped. He was knocked unconscious when he hit the water... and when he came to, he found himself in a warm home drinking hot soup. The old fisherman said, "I saw you fall... and I was barely able to save you. Where were you heading...before you decided to jump?"

"Munich," was the muttered one word answer.

"Well, I can help you get a place there...I have a friend. All is never lost. As long as you have have life."

The fisherman took the soldier's identification card, penned a note, and then he dated it, December 21, 1918. The note simply said:

Dear Benjamin,

As a favor to me would you give food and lodging to this young man until he can find work? His name is Adolph Hitler.

Your friend,

Israel Cohen

Isn't it amazing how soon Hitler forgot the kindness of that kind Jewish old man?