DON'T ASK ME IF I LIKE HIM - by John F. Morgan

Don't ask me if I like him
You must not realize
How daddies feel about most boys
Those devils in disguise

For daddies always sixth-sense know
The dangerous proximity
Of boy-talk love and dates and lust
And youthful girls' virginity

Don't ask me if I like him
I don't like that "part-potential"
That part is deadly to your heart
Irreparable, consequential

That part is that boy's only mind
He thinks without gray matter
His goal is far from ethical
His words just empty chatter

He tries to "Eddie Haskell" me
But I've been there, done that
It matters not if he's dressed up
Or in a baseball hat

I don't care if he's handsome
If he's rich or very smart
Will he show you due respect
Or will he use his "part"?

I wouldn't like him anyhow
He's male! And anyway
I see that "something" in his eyes
As he drives you away

You're the one I worked so hard
To keep chaste, pure and strong
To see those precious gifts in you
Be wasted is so wrong

You're my lone investment
In the future of this world
I may not leave much wealth behind
But you, my little girl

Copyright 2003 John F. Morgan
All Rights Reserved