The angel of the LORD encamps around those who fear him, and he delivers them. (NIV) Psalms 34:7

An E-mail I received told the incredible story about a missionary in Africa. The missionary returned to his sponsoring church in Michigan and told the congregation how once a month he drove two days from a small village to a hospital to get medicine and drugs. He would stay overnight at the same campsite at the halfway point.

On one trip he befriended a man who had been beaten by two others. While the missionary dressed the man's wounds he told him about Christ. The man then confessed that he and two others had planned to rob the missionary and kill him the night before but, when they approached his campsite they could see bodyguards surrounded it.

"Bodyguards?" asked the missionary.

"Yes, bodyguards," said the man "and we counted them. There were 26."

At this point a man jumped up in the congregation in Michigan and interrupted the missionary. "I remember that day" he said, "it would have been evening in Africa. I received a strong urge to pray for you. I called several men in the church and we all prayed together. Those men are here,"

The speaker asked the men to stand. They did and the missionary counted quickly. There were 26 men standing.

-Thanks to Mal Salter.