The high school football team had a perfect record in their league... hadn't won a game all year and the coach was about to lose his job. It was the last game of the season... and was against the arch rival school from across town. But to everyone's great surprise, the game was tied in the last quarter and the perennial losers recovered a fumble on the opponent's 2 yard line with just 1 minute to go.

The coach signaled the quarterback from the sidelines to call play #24. They lost 5 yards. Then he signaled play #43... and they lost 10 more yards. The coach looked into the stands where his wife was sitting and signaled her to go home and start packing.

The quarterback couldn't get the coach's attention, so he called his own play in the huddle and scored the winning touchdown as the final gun sounded.

The ecstatic coach asked the quarterback how he decided on the successful play. The youngster said, "Well, when I couldn't get you to tell me anything, I looked at the guy on one side of the huddle and saw his number was 9. On the other side of the huddle was the tail back and his number was 21. So I added them together and called play #32."

"You idiot!" the coach yelled. "Any third grader knows that 9 and 21 is 30... not 32!"

"Gee, Coach," replied the quarterback, "if I was as smart as you, we wouldn't have won the game!"